Keep Working from Off-Campus

Below are resources and tools to assist employees in working remotely.  

Technology Resources

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    Employee Technology Guidelines

    The Access to Technology Working Group presents this guideline to address the technology needs for effective teaching and working using the Work-from-Home and HyFlex models.

    Base computer – all full-time employees will be transitioned to notebook computers as part of the standard University refresh process.  Should there remain full-time employees without a notebook computer after the FY21 refresh has been completed, the University will accelerate their refresh to provide a notebook computer as expeditiously as possible.

    All base computers will come with a built-in webcam, built-in microphone, built-in speakers and standard carrying case.

    Base Package – by request, the University will provide to all employees the following items:

    • Hardware
      • USB headset with microphone
    • Software
      • Office 2019 (University license)
      • Banner remote access (University license)
    Should an employee require a higher quality headset, they may request one from their college dean’s office or supervisor.

    Case-by-Case Considerations – by request and evaluated on a case-by-case basis, the curriculum, teaching style or working requirements of employees may necessitate additional technologies the University will need to provide.  These technologies may include the following items:

    • Hardware
      • Webcam (for campus desktop computers without an existing webcam)
      • Digital whiteboard
      • Advanced digital whiteboard for CAD*
      • Document camera*
      • Extra memory or disk space
      • Additional power adapter
      • Extra monitor w/cable
      • Hotspot*
      • Docking station*
      • Printer/fax
    • Software
      • Zoom*
      • Examsoft
      • Camtasia Lecture editing software*
      • Adobe Acrobat*
      • Adobe Creative Cloud*
      • Virtual Simulation (CHP) (University license)*
      • SIM-ear (CHP) (University license)*
      • GoReact (CLAE) (University license)*
    *Items noted with an asterisk are the financial responsibility of the School or College or department.

    Special Circumstances – in very rare circumstances, there may be a need for high-level technological solutions to support an employee’s advanced teaching or working requirements.  These items will also be considered on a case-by-case basis.  This may include:

    • Camera
    • Tripod with clamps
    • Portable projector
    • TV Studio (on campus)
    • ADA related equipment
    • Reimbursements for hardware and software (following Procurement policy)

    Additional Items

    Training – the University will expand its training portfolio to include recording lectures, editing tools, collaboration tools, Office 2019 and other related solutions.  Training will be made available using remote tools.

    Adjuncts – by request, the college deans will work with department chairs and their adjunct faculty to equip adjuncts with technology needs.  ITS will work with each Dean’s office to properly equip adjunct offices at a level where the office may be used for HyFlex teaching.  A list of these office locations will be made available for reference.

    Part-Time Employees and Contractors – by request, supervisors will work with their part-time employees and contractors to address their technology needs.  ITS will work with each department to properly equip part-time and contractor employees at a level where they can complete their job function.

    ADA Requests – all ADA related requests will continue to be processed through the existing ADA channels.  All requests are to be routed through the Human Resources department.

    Logistics – all requests are to be made through the chair and/or respective Dean’s office or supervisor.  The Dean’s office or supervisor will work with ITS to accommodate the request.  When the responsibility for the requested item is with the ITS department, the Dean’s office or supervisor will submit a Helpdesk ticket to document and communicate the need.

    ITS will maintain in stock a supply of the standard items for quick distribution. 

    Employees are to refrain from taking home their desktop office computer but encouraged to follow this guideline.  For each item permitted for remote use, a signed Device Use Agreement will be required to re-enforce the ownership of the equipment and the obligation to return it should an employee separate from the University or should there be a variance in their teaching or working schedule.

    Returned equipment is to be delivered directly to the ITS department or to the HR department who then will provide it to ITS.  ITS will properly cleanse equipment before it is re-issued.

    Access to Technology Working Group
    Chris Congdon, Felicia Hartinger, Amber Johnson, David Koukal, Greg Laidlaw, Ed Tracy II (Chair), Mike Verdusco

    July 23, 2020

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    Remote access to TitanNet and other on-campus resources

    Follow the VPN and Remote Desktop Setup instructions on your off-campus device to access Banner Application Navigator, network storage drives, etc. 
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    Enable Call Forwarding

    If you are on-campus, follow a tutorial below: If you are off-campus and need phone forwarding set up on your account, please create a Help Desk ticket providing your university phone number and off-campus number.
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    Personal Devices

    Please avoid saving and storing University documents on your personal computer.  You may either use the Remote Desktop application to work on network drives (e.g. G or H drive) or your 人兽性交 OneDrive account.
    In addition, please keep your antivirus up to date.
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    Stay Informed

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    ITS Help Desk

    Report an issue or access the Knowledge Base: hd.人兽性交
    Email: helpdesk@人兽性交
    Phone: (313) 993-1500

Collaboration Tools

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    Microsoft Teams

    Microsoft Teams provides a platform for ongoing chat, video calling, screen sharing, and file storage.  Many departments across the University are using Teams to collaborate during this time of remote work.   

    Ways to Access Teams 
    • The Teams desktop application (installed on Windows or Mac computers) 
    • A browser (accessed using Chrome, Firefox, IE, or Edge) 
    • A mobile app (installed on iPhone or Android cell phones) 
    Advantages of Installing the Teams Desktop Application 
    • The desktop application gives you the full functionality of Teams. 
    • Teams will automatically launch when you log in to your computer. 
    • Notifications are easier to see.   
    • Better overall performance. 
    Installing the Teams Desktop Application 
    • On your Windows or Mac computer, navigate to  
    • Click on the “Download Teams” button.   
    • Follow the prompts to install the software.  (You will not need administrative credentials.) 
    Teams Training
    Microsoft Teams Video Training Library
    Microsoft Teams Video - Scheduling Teams Meetings
    Microsoft Teams Video - Joining Teams Meetings
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    The University’s Zoom license allows for up to 300 participants per session, sessions up to 24 hours in length, and recording capabilities.  To transition to a University license, please send the faculty or staff member’s 人兽性交 email address and FOAP (using a 7377 account number) to its@人兽性交 ITS will IDC $90/year per email address provided.

    Zoom Video Training Library
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    Microsoft OneDrive provides file storage.
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    Office 365 Suite

    Install the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) on up to five personal devices.

    • Follow instructions for a one-time registration.
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    Microsoft OneNote a collaborative virtual notebook.
    • Available through the Microsoft Office suite.
    • App may also be accessed through a browser.  Login to with your 人兽性交 email credentials and click on the OneNote app.