The University provides cable TV services in all resident rooms, as well as a number of locations throughout campus including the Titan Dining Room, C&F main hall, and the C&F lounge.

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    Cable TV Requirements and Support


    The University of 人兽性交 only supports televisions that accept a digital QAM signal. Please note: A "cable-ready" TV may not be equipped with a QAM tuner. If unable to obtain a cable TV signal after plugging the TV into the cable TV port in a resident room, please verify the TV is equipped with a digital QAM Tuner.

    Televisions with "Tubes" are not supported and students are encouraged not to bring these televisions as they will not work with the current digital cable setup.

    How can I tell if I have an internal digital QAM Tuner?

    QAM stands for Quadrature Amplitude Modulation. It's similar to AM (Amplitude Modulation) or FM (Frequency Modulation). With the QAM tuner, students can connect their cable directly to their TV and watch any digital and/or HD cable station that is not encrypted without the use of a set-top box. Most HD or digital TVs sold after 2006 have an internal digital QAM tuner; however, since there is no FCC requirement for QAM support, most inexpensive TV models do not include a QAM tuner. Check the owner's manual. A good place to start is in the "Specifications" section. Look for QAM tuner capabilities in the area with antennas and tuners.

    On the TV remote control, a dot (.) or dash (-) on the remote is normally used during the tuning process. If the TV remote has a dot or dash, the TV probably has an internal digital QAM tuner. Check the manual for scanning or manual channel instructions. If the printed owner's manual is no longer available, the TV manufacturer may have a copy available online.

    Are NTSC tuners compatible?

    No, NTSC tuners are not compatible. NTSC was the standard analog television system used in the United States from 1941 to 2009. TV manufacturers still include the ability to tune to this type of system because some cable TV companies continue to provide basic programming in analog.

    Are ATSC tuners compatible?

    ATSC tuners are tuners that allow over-the-air reception of digital television (DTV) channels transmitted by local television stations. The FCC required all television manufacturers to include an ATSC tuner in all products since 2007 and required television broadcasters to switch in 2009.

    What if my TV does not have an internal digital QAM Tuner?

    If the TV does not have a digital QAM Tuner, ITS has had success with the iView-3500STBII digital converter box using the latest firmware. This digital converter box may be purchased online through retailers like

    What if I purchased the iView-3500STBII digital converter and are only receiving a partial list of channels?

    A partial list of channels is a clear indication that the unit is not using the latest firmware. The ITS department has been provided the latest firmware that may be applied to the iView-3500STBII digital converter box. To schedule the firmware upgrade, submit a request via Residence Life and the ITS department will schedule a time with the student to perform this task.


    Resident students with cable TV signal problems should:

    1. Verify the wire cable is good by testing it at another location.
    2. Verify the tuner has been programmed properly by ensuring the TV is set to cable mode and will scan through the channels.
    3. Verify the TV works by trying it in another location.
    4. Checking all other channels before reporting a bad channel.

    Please report any unresolved issues by submitting a ticket to the Help Desk system.

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    TitanTV Channels 97 and 98

    Location: Channels 97 and 98 on the University Cable TV Network

    Channel 97 is programmed to display all video based content. The content is played in a continuous loop and includes Convocation, Celebrate Spirit!, CLASA presentations, Mission and Identity presentations, various student works and much, much more. Submissions of 人兽性交 related material is accepted by contacting the Associate Vice President for Information Technology. On occasion, ITS will send a camera person to tape an event of interest to the University community at-large.

    Channel 98 is programmed to list information and announcements of current events in a classic "government channel format." The blandness of the presentation and the choice of elevator style music is by design. Postings are accepted by submission through the online Helpdesk system at http://hd.人兽性交

    The ITS department is always interested in working with students and faculty to capture events or create content. For more information, please contact the Associate Vice President for Information technology.