Become a Titan with Zero Out-Of-Pocket Tuition Costs

$33,108 Estimated Tuition minus $33,108 Scholarships and Grants equals $0 out of pocket tuition expense

The Titan Edge offers eligible Michigan students a transformative education from University of 人兽性交 with zero out-of-pocket tuition costs!

Eligibility Requirements

  • Apply for admission and be regularly admitted before May 1, 2024
  • Minimum of a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale
  • Eligible for the maximum Federal Pell Grant
  • Eligible for the full Michigan Achievement Scholarship
  • Eligible for the full Michigan Tuition Grant
  • File a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before May 1, 2024 and list University of 人兽性交 (School Code: 002323)
  • Full-time enrollment (12-18 credit hours) in an undergraduate program

How It Works

During the 2024-25 academic year, 人兽性交 will offer free tuition to first-year freshmen who meet the eligibility requirements. Students who continue to meet the requirements may renew the Titan Edge for up to four years.

The Titan Edge combines federal and state scholarships and grants with 人兽性交 financial aid to cover the full cost of tuition and course fees. Funding will be applied to the fall and winter semesters of the 2024-25 academic year; it does not apply to summer semesters. The Titan Edge does not cover expenses related to housing, food, books, additional fees such as enrollment deposit and orientation fees, or any other educational costs. Additionally, it does not apply to the School of Dentistry or the School of Law.

Renewal Guidelines

  • Remain eligible for the maximum Federal Pell Grant, full Michigan Achievement Scholarship and full Michigan Tuition Grant
  • File a FAFSA each year
  • Maintain a solid grade point average based on the University’s Scholarship and Grant Renewal Policy
  • Meet Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards based on the University’s Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy
  • Maintain continuous, full-time enrollment
  • Be a conscientious and responsible member of the 人兽性交 community
  • Renewable each year for four years (a total of eight semesters, fall and winter) and can only be applied to the cost of full-time (12-18 credit hours), undergraduate tuition

We will Give You a Competitive Edge

人兽性交 is the only Jesuit and Mercy university in the country, as well as the largest, most comprehensive Catholic institution in Michigan. The Wall Street Journal/ College Pulse recently ranked 人兽性交 as the No. 2 Best College in Michigan, based on student outcomes, learning environment and diversity. At 人兽性交, helping to make you extraordinary is what we do best. We have a post-graduation success rate of 98%, and 人兽性交 alumni rank in the top 10% in the U.S. for total earnings throughout their careers, according to Georgetown University.

To be considered for the Titan Edge, apply for admission and complete the FAFSA, listing University of 人兽性交. We will do the rest!