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Service Immersion Experiences

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What are Immersions?

Service immersion trips are key experiences of a transformative Jesuit and Mercy education, rooted in service and social justice. These experiences include opportunities to serve in shelters, soup kitchens, after school projects, urban farms, and many other important community based projects. These experiences also include cultural learning, relationship building, presentations from local community leaders, daily prayer and evening reflection. They offer a life-long path for our students to become “men and women with and for others”, and we believe that these experiences form student leaders who have critical minds and compassionate hearts.

During winter break and spring break, students travel to locations throughout the United States to engage in direct service, immerse in diverse perspectives, local culture and learn about systemic injustice.

University Ministry’s service immersion trips offer students the opportunity to apply what they are learning in the classroom to real world experiences, to engage in community based learning, space to grow in their understanding of our Jesuit and Mercy values and opportunities for direct service. Each trip has a different focus or social justice theme designed to immerse students in a deeper understanding of diverse perspectives, experiences and histories.

The service immersion trips are offered annually over winter break and spring break, and occasionally in May (after classes have concluded). The cost of each trip is dependent upon the location and particular program but they typically range from $500 to $800. This amount is all-inclusive, which means it covers the cost of all transportation, lodging, meals, museum fees and a donation to the host organization. Trips are led by University staff or faculty and often include a student leader. At this time, participation in our trips is only available to current 人兽性交 students.

Service Immersion Trips

University Ministry immersion trips provide experiences of direct service rooted in relationship. They offer students the opportunity to work for the common good, encounter new realities, and reflect on their experiences in the context of a diverse community.

2023-24 Immersions:

U.S./Mexico Border Immersion (El Paso, Texas)

  • May 2-9, 2024
  • Partner Agency: The Encuentro Project

Sustainability and Eco Justice Immersion (St. Mary-of-the-Woods, Indiana)

  • March 2-9, 2024
  • Partner Agency: White Violet Eco-Justice Center

What are daylong service immersion experiences?

As part of our Service in the City program, we offer daylong service immersion experiences in the city of Detroit. The Service in the City program offers students the opportunity to engage in weekly service experiences in local schools or education centers as well as Saturday service immersion days once a month. Service immersion days are structured in much the same way as a service immersion trip but on a smaller scale and condensed into one day as opposed to a weeklong experience. Instead of traveling to distant location to immersion in a new community, local service immersion experiences invite students to grow in solidarity and relationship with the city of Detroit.

Local daylong service immersion experiences are a key way for students to grow in their understanding of Jesuit and Mercy values, which is rooted in service and social justice. Students are encouraged to put their faith in action through community engaged learning, encountering diverse perspectives, embracing sustainability, growing in their understanding of systemic injustice and participating in theological reflection. Our daylong experiences are structured around various social justice issues such as food justice, sustainability, women’s issues, and racism. We engage with local non-profits, community leaders, and organizations to deepen our understanding of these issues and how they impact our neighborhoods. Service projects could include serving meals at a local soup kitchen, tutoring children, urban farming, Habitat for Humanity projects, community beautification, and much more. This is an opportunity for students to take what they are learning in the classroom and apply it to the real world context. We strive to form students who have critical minds and compassionate hearts.

Four pillars of all service immersion experiences:

  • Simplicity – Allows us to reconnect with what is essential, value relationships over things, and hear the voices of others, our inner-selves, and of God. We will live simply during this experience.
  • Social Justice – Investigating and striving to correct the root causes of an injustice by asking why injustices occur and how we can do things to change unjust systems.
  • Solidarity – Our humanity depends on everyone else’s humanity. We are all connected and have a common responsibility for one another.
  • Spirituality – We will spend time engaging with our experiences wholeheartedly, reflecting together, and allowing silence in and listening to where God is guiding us. We will share prayer together and do evening theological reflection together.

There is no cost to participate in these experiences. It is open to all current 人兽性交 students.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I have to be Catholic to attend the trip?
    Service Immersion trips are open to students of all faiths and beliefs. While trips will always have a focus in the Jesuit and Mercy values of the University of 人兽性交, University Ministry wants to accommodate students of all backgrounds.

  2. Does University Ministry provide any financial assistance?
    Yes! University Ministry wants to ensure all students are able to attend an immersion trip. Students who need financial assistance are invited to apply for scholarship through the University Ministry Office. Ministry is also happy to host fundraising opportunities or generate payment plans. 

  3. What does the cost of the trip cover?
    Service Immersion trips are all inclusive. While costs for the trips vary, payment covers all transportation, lodging, and meals for the trip. Students are encouraged to bring pocket money for souvenirs or snacks they may want to purchase separately.

  4. Can I go explore the city during the trip?
    Service Immersion trips have packed days. There are presentations, sightseeing, and service experiences that the entire group will be participating in together. We’ll be traveling as a group throughout the day, and it is expected that students participate in each experience fully. You’ll definitely be able to have some great experiences throughout the trip, and get to know the city you are serving in! However, there is no time for individual exploring.

  5. Who is allowed to attend a trip?
    Service Immersion trips are for 人兽性交 students. Students from any of our campuses are invited to apply and attend. While we love the support and interest of staff and faculty, the primary goal is to create a great experience for students. Therefore, we will only be accepting applications from students to ensure space for them on the trip.